> Active 4 life testimonials

Beth Griffiths

Beth heard about ‘Active 4 Life’ via the Pembs Leisure App and has been participating in Yoga, Pilates, and Gentle Keep Fit as well as utilising the fitness suite. Beth has been taking part in these activities for over 9 weeks now and said “the activities are good for health, well-being and meeting new people. I’ve increased my fitness levels and used Gentle Keep Fit as a form of physio since breaking my leg and returning to exercise”. Beth would recommend the ‘Active 4 Life’ scheme to others!


Carole Puttock

Carole heard about ‘Active 4 Life’ through word of mouth and takes part in Yoga and F.I.T. Carole has been participating in these activities for 3-6 weeks now and says, “The activities help me keep active, flexible and social. I have met new people, retained movement in my joints and feel more positive. ‘Active 4 Life’ has helped reduce feelings of anxiety and depression and I would definitely recommend the scheme, the sessions are structured to suit all abilities and are fun!”


Ruth Moynes

Ruth has been utilising the ‘Active 4 Life’ scheme for just 1 week! Ruth says, “I have enjoyed meeting new people and love to get out and about as living alone has been difficult. I would recommend ‘Active 4 Life’ and have most definitely benefited from the scheme/activities on offer”.


Iris Williams

“The instructors give you exercises to strengthen your body as a whole and you can work at your own pace. The ‘Active 4 Life’ scheme has given me incentive to exercise at home and has helped me improve my posture.” Iris takes part in F.I.T., Gentle Keep Fit and utilises the ‘Active 4 Life library’ via the ‘Pembs Leisure App’. Iris would recommend the ‘Active 4 Life’ scheme to others.


Marie Munro

“I like ‘Active 4 Life’ because it keeps me active and allows me to socialise with others in my peer group. I feel fitter and have lost weight!” Marie would recommend the scheme to others.