National Sports Representation Policy

Free use of facilities by young people (under 21) in full time education representing Wales in their sport.


Pembrokeshire Leisure will allow free use of our facilities by the above group under the following guidelines.


  • On receipt of a letter from the sport governing body confirming that the person in question will be representing Wales.


  • The letter must outline the period that the individual will be representing Wales.


  • Detail the training that would most benefit the individual requirements.


  • Free use will only be granted for a maximum of six months and can only be extended by request from the Governing Body.


  • Normal facility rules and regulations will apply to the individual (Age restrictions etc.)


  • The individual should be encouraged to use the facility at quiet times in agreement with the Facility Manager who will take into consideration programming and income issues.


  • The individual must be in full time education to benefit from this policy.


  • The individuals home address must be in Pembrokeshire or within 5 miles of the county boundary (to cater for those in Ceredigion & Carmarthenshire)


  • Elite Cymru still applies to youngsters on that program


The purpose of this policy is to encourage and assist youngsters who represent Wales and to give them every opportunity to perform and achieve.