Membership Terms & Conditions

1. All members can use the fitness suite at their own risk, following a  

kickstart. A health commitment statement is displayed in the Leisure  

Centre and it is advised that all members access this information before  

participating in any exercise.


2. Where the selected payment option is by Direct Debit, membership  

will continue to run month on month (minimum terms apply to certain  

membership categories) until notification of cancellation is received (via  

the completion of a cancellation form) with one month’s notice provided.


3. Pembrokeshire Leisure Memberships are non transferable.


4. Pembrokeshire Leisure reserves the right to deny entry to individuals if  

they fail to follow the guidance of the staff on duty.


5. Active Household Memberships are to include a minimum of one adult  

and one junior/teen. There should be a maximum of two adults, and an  

overall maximum of five individuals. All Household members must reside  

at the same address.


6. If a teen registered user (13-19 years) becomes an adult (20 years)  

during the term of an Active Household Membership, they will become  

ineligible and will be removed from the membership if this change results  

in more than 2 adults being part of the membership.


7. An individual with a Junior Active Membership will automatically change  

to a Teen Active Individual Membership on becoming 13 years old.


8. An individual with a Teen Active Individual Membership will automatically  

change to an Adult Active Individual Membership on turning 20 years old.


9. Pembrokeshire Leisure reserves the right to reject any application for  

membership or renewal thereof and to suspend or cancel a membership  

due to misconduct or causing danger to other users.


10.Pembrokeshire Leisure reserves the right to specify on what days &  

times, entry to the centre and the use of its facilities and equipment, will  

be available to members. They also have the right to declare facilities  

and equipment unfit for use and decide opening and closing times of the  

centre and for each facility within it.


11.Pembrokeshire Leisure reserves the right to close all or sections of its  

sites without refund of fees paid. Pembrokeshire Leisure will endeavour  

to provide 7 days notice for all pre planned maintenance / refurbishment  



12.A late cancellation / non-attendance charge may be applied to all  

members who cancel late (within the limited allowance of a booking), or  

fail to show for a pre-booked class/session.


13.Members must adhere to the Pembrokeshire Leisure Admission Policy,  

which can be viewed at


14.Pembrokeshire Leisure reserves the right to amend or withdraw exercise  

class times, days & instructors without prior notice. Pembrokeshire  

Leisure will endeavour to keep all members informed of any changes to  

the advertised programme.


15.Members must present their membership cards on each visit to the  

centre before using the facilities, failing which, the normal fee will be  



16.A membership card shall not be used by any other person than the  

member to whom it was issued. Pembrokeshire Leisure reserves the right  

to withdraw without refund of fee, a membership card used by any other  

person than the member.


17.Membership cards remain the property of Pembrokeshire Leisure who  

reserve the right to retain any membership card if there has been a  

defaulted payment by the member concerned.


18.Any member who loses their card must apply for a replacement, for  

which a charge will be made.


19.Membership payments are not normally refundable, unless under  

exceptional circumstances where individual cases will be considered.


20.It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that they are medically fit  

for any exercise they partake of within the facility. Members who have  

a history of heart disease, back problems, high blood pressure or other  

known or suspected medical conditions should seek advice from their  

doctor before embarking on physical exercise or using the sauna, steam  

room facilities. All members use the facilities and equipment at their own  

risk and Pembrokeshire Leisure does not accept responsibility for any  

harm or injury to any member however caused.


21.Pembrokeshire Leisure accepts no responsibility for the property of  

members using the facilities. We would like to remind members that staff  

are not permitted to accept valuables or property for safekeeping.


22.The fees and charges are reviewed annually. Changes to fees will be  

displayed to members at no less than one month. All monthly deductions  

will incorporate the changes in charges. Notice of fee changes will be  

displayed in all leisure facilities and emailed to all members a minimum of  

one month prior to the change.


23.Members who wish to cancel their Direct Debit payments within the  

minimum term of the membership will be liable to pay the remaining  

outstanding balance. Defaulters will be treated as non-members until this  

account has been settled.