Lane Swimming Etiquette

To ensure everyone gets the most out of our lane swimming sessions, it would help if everyone adhered to some basic points.



  • Pick a lane most suitable to your ability before entering the pool but be willing to switch lanes if your swimming speed is not similar to the others in the lane.
  • You may not always be able to swim at the speed you wish, you may need to swim at a speed that is appropriate for the other swimmers sharing your lane.
  • A member of staff may ask you to move to another lane, please don’t take offense, this is to enhance your, and others’ enjoyment of the session.
  • Only use paddles and fins in the designated lane. If you are unsure, please ask a lifeguard.
  • DO NOT swim immediately behind another swimmer, they will be unable to see you when they are turning may collide with you and cause an injury.
  • Wait until swimmers have turned and pushed off the wall before entering the pool.
  • Swim clockwise /anti-clockwise according to the lane that you are in. 
  • Be aware of other swimmers and rest in the corner of the lane when you stop.
  • Be conscious of oncoming swimmers and only overtake when it is clear.  Give way to faster swimmers at the end of the lane.
  • Communicate with swimmers and the lifeguards.
  • Be patient and understanding, swimming speed (slow/medium/fast) is relative and depends on the speed of others in the pool. 
  • Follow all COVID-19 procedures.