Admission Policy

Swimming Pool Child Admission Policy.

A responsible adult, aged at least sixteen years must accompany all children under the age of 8 years.

The responsible adult will go into the water with the children they are accompanying, maintain direct control and constant watch over the children and be in close contact with those of their children who are weak or non-swimmers.

Public Swimming

0-3 years - One responsible person to one child, during general admission.

4-7 years - One responsible person to two children, during general admission.

Structured Family Swimming

0-3 years - One responsible person to two children

4-7 years - One responsible person to three children

0-3 & 4-7 years - One responsible person to three children (one aged 0–3 and two aged 4–7), during a structured family session.


Leisure Centre Child Admission Policy

Children under the age of eight years may only be admitted to the facility provided, 

  • They are accompanied by a responsible adult aged sixteen years or over
  • The responsible adult remains in the facility throughout the duration of the child’s admission.


Changing Rooms

Children aged seven and under may enter the “opposite sex” changing rooms provided they are accompanied by a responsible adult aged sixteen years or over. Adults can only enter changing rooms of their gender and not that of the child.


Fitness Suite

All Pembrokeshire Leisure Fitness Suite users must complete an induction process.

The minimum age for unsupervised admission to any of Pembrokeshire Leisure’s Fitness Suites is thirteen years. The minimum age for supervised sessions is 11 years. 

Customers aged under thirteen years must have a consent form completed by a parent or carer before they are admitted to the fitness suite supervised session



A carer is someone who assists another who is less able, whether they are paid or not for providing this service. We use the term “Service User” to describe the person receiving this assistance. 

Carers attending with a “service user.”

  • All Carers must be registered users of Pembrokeshire Leisure.
  • Employed Carers must display applicable identification (employer ID card)
  • Registered Carers & Paid Carers that participate in an activity alongside their service user(s) will be entitled to free access. If the “Service User” is using the fitness suite, the carer must have previously completed an induction course. Pembrokeshire Leisure will provide the induction free of charge.

Carers attending without a “service user.”

  • Registered Unpaid Carers will be eligible to concessionary rates for all applicable activities once they have registered as a “Carer” with Pembrokeshire Leisure. They can do this by completing a Pembrokeshire Leisure Registration form and sending it to PAVS (Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services). On return of the registration form from PAVS the unpaid carer will be allocated the concessionary status.
  • Concessionary rates are not applicable for employed carers.