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National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS)

The National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS) is a programme of activities designed for those who are currently not active or are exercising less than three times per week. It is also for those who suffer with one or more mild to moderate medical conditions, such as muscular skeletal problems, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression and weight management, or have been identified as being at risk of developing these conditions. (Your health professional will have more information). We accept referrals from the following NHS/PHW Health Professionals; General Practitioner, Practice Nurse, Physiotherapist or Specialist Nurse.

The scheme involves a referral to a local leisure centre from your health professional, who believes that exercise will help in the prevention, management and improvement of your condition.

We currently offer face to face gym and circuit based sessions in each of our Leisure Centres across the county. Should there be any future closures due to the Covid19 pandemic we will revert to virtual delivery.

Your safety is paramount to us, our Exercise Professionals continue to practise the strict hygiene and safety measures introduced throughout the Pembrokeshire Leisure family of facilities, since the outbreak of Covid19.

Here is some of the amazing feedback that we have received: 

“The National Exercise Referral Scheme, individualized due to Ceri’s diligence and concern -- meant that I was well-prepared for my first hip replacement, and able to rehabilitate quickly following surgery. Being introduced to manageable exercise was a significant breakthrough for me as I have found it increasingly difficult to walk as my osteoarthritis progressed. The programme has given me the confidence, knowledge and skills to use exercise as a tool to improve the quality of my life during a challenging period. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Ceri for guiding me on this journey!”

“On January 1st 2019 I decided I needed to lose some weight. My GP told me about the Exercise Referral Scheme and referred me to Haverfordwest Leisure Centre. To be honest I was quite apprehensive and nervous about it as I had a stereotypical view of people that go to the gym. I am happy to say I was so wrong about that!  There were people of all different sizes, fitness levels and weight exercising there. Following my induction we started with cardio exercises and using the TRX, treadmill and the bike along with squats. It was great, after my first time in the gym I was loving it! After that I went twice a week, mainly when Mellissa was there because I knew that if I had any questions or concerns she would be more than happy to answer them. During my time at the gym I went down to 23 stone in weight. By eating well, using the knowledge and advice that Mellissa and the exercise referral programme gave me I tweaked my diet to help my weight loss, making great life choices. If it was not for Mellissa and the gym I do not think I would be where I am now which is currently 17.6 stone and counting! I spend long hours sitting down, the referral scheme has taught me how to stay active and become fitter. I would recommend this scheme to anyone as I have always struggled to lose weight in the past”

How do I get started?

Tell your health professional (GP, Practise nurse, Physio) that you would like to be referred on to the Pembrokeshire Exercise Referral Scheme. They will advise you which pathway is suitable for your condition. Once referred you will be invited for a consultation with your exercise professional at your local leisure centre. 

What does the programme consist of?

During your first consultation, your exercise professional will find out a little more about your health history, carry out some basic health checks and discuss the range of exercises that are suitable for you. The activities will be fun and aim to help you become healthier through a range of classes & activities.

When do I attend?

Activity sessions will be available to you throughout the week, including some evenings and weekends. The Exercise Referral instructor will create a timetable of activities suitable for your needs.

What is the duration of the scheme?

Your pre-approved programme will run for 16 weeks, during which time you will be able to attend as many exercise sessions as you like.

How much will it cost?

The cost is £2.50 per session in centres. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the Exercise Referral membership at £19 per month to attend any class in any centre across the county.


What will I need to wear?

You don't have to wear any special clothes as long as you are comfortable. It is better to wear soft, flat shoes or training shoes.

Do I need to be fit?

No, exercise can be tailored for different abilities so you will be advised about the level of exercise suitable for you.

What happens after 16 weeks?

Towards the end of your 16 weeks, you will be invited to a follow-up appointment to discuss your progress and long term exercise needs. 

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