Active Membership Information for Current Customers

On Friday 6th May we sent emails to our current customers informing them about changes to our memberships and pricing. If you missed that email, here is all of the information that you need to know.

We are changing the structure of our memberships. We know you will have some questions and we hope we have answered them below.

We will also be removing our loyalty subscription and moving to a one price structure. Our standard price and loyalty price are now meeting in the middle, which we hope will benefit more people.


Q. How will these changes affect my current membership?

A. There will be no change to your current membership, they will continue as normal unless you ask us to upgrade.

We will be changing all GOLD memberships to our new Active Individual. The benefits and price are the same.

All concessionary members (disabled/60+/teen) will be moving to the Active Individual at a concessionary rate. The cost is the same as you currently pay, but there are increased benefits.

Our customers aged 60+ will be transferred to our Active Individual membership at a concessionary rate. This means that:

  • If you were on a silver or gold membership the cost of your membership will be reduced to £21.60 from 1st June.
  • If you were on a bronze or silver membership you will have more benefits to your membership, at no extra cost.


Q. Can I upgrade to the new membership?

A. Yes! It is as simple as a call to your preferred site or an email to [javascript protected email address].


Q. Why should I upgrade?

A. You may find added benefits in our new membership, check out our website from the 16th May to see what's included.


Q. I had the loyalty discount subscription, how will I be affected by the removal of the loyalty scheme?

A. We have amended our charges so that they fall between the standard and loyalty price. 


Q.I recently purchased a loyalty discount subscription, will I still be able to benefit from the discounts?

A. The loyalty rate prices will remain for the next 11 months for those who have taken out a loyalty

discount membership.


Q. I have recently bought a loyalty discount membership, can I get a refund?

A. Your loyalty discount membership will continue to provide access to the loyalty rates up to its expiry date.


Q. I have an Annual Membership, can I upgrade to the new membership?

A. If you bought an Annual Gold or Household membership this will be done automatically. With any other annual membership we would be able to do this with the extra charge being calculated over the remainder of the 12 month period.


Q.  Will I be able to purchase the same Annual Membership when it expires?

A. Yes. You will need to have purchased this within 7 days of your membership expiring.


If you have anything you wish to ask, please do get in touch with your local centre and they will be very happy to help.


We hope you continue to use and enjoy our centres and we look forward to seeing you!