Here is some helpful information for attending lessons at Crymych Leisure Centre.

Before you arrive:

  • It would be beneficial to bring your child swimming during a public session before their first lesson, to familiarise themselves with the pool.
  • Wearing close fitting costumes (not board shorts) will make it easier to float and create less drag.
  • Your swimmer can bring goggles but they are not essential.
  • We encourage all swimmers to wear a swimming hat.
  • Refrain from eating for an hour before swimming.


When you arrive:

  • Make your way to the changing rooms and get your child changed. 
  • For any swimmers aged 8 and over, boys will need to change in the male changing rooms and girls in the female. 
  • Please use the lockers provided to store any belongings. Do not leave any clothes in the changing cubicles.
  • Bring your child to the changing room gate to be collected by their swimming teacher.


During the lesson:

  • The viewing gallery is open for spectators.
  • If your child is aged 8 and under the responsible adult must remain in the building at all times.
  • Please help your child get the most out of their lesson by allowing them to keep their full attention on the teacher. It can be distracting to the swimmers in the lesson if there are additional instructions coming from the viewing gallery.
  • Enjoy seeing your child learn new skills, while having fun. Children learn through play and they will consolidate skills more quickly.


After the lesson:

  • At the end of the lesson, return to the changing rooms. The swimming teacher will bring the swimmers to the changing room entrance and ensure there is a safe handover.
  • Change your child and make your way home.
  • If it is cold outside, be sure to wrap up warm for the journey home.
  • Bring your child to public swimming to support their learn to swim journey. The swimming teacher can let you know what to practise. Coming swimming for just an hour a week will triple the amount of time spent in the water, meaning skills are consolidated faster!