At Haverfordwest Leisure Centre your swimming lessons journey will be:

Variable pool lessons:

• Enter through the main entrance.


• Scan children through the barriers.


• Head to Team 1 changing room.


• Follow the directions of the staff to a changing area, change and leave poolside via team 2.


• Follow the one-way system towards the Sports Hall and go up the stairs on your right and follow the corridor which will take you to the balcony to watch your child’s lesson.


• To collect your child, walk to poolside via team changing room 1.


• Collect your child from poolside and enter the village changing room.


• Change your child in a cubicle as directed by the staff and if you took a box, leave it in the middle of the village changing room.


• Exit the village and leave via the fire exit directly in front of you.


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Small pool lessons:

• Enter via the main entrance.


• Enter poolside via the fire exit from reception to poolside where a member of staff will record your attendance.


• Walk to your changing area, change your child and leave poolside via the fire exit.


• Walk up to viewing gallery via reception stairs and view the lessons from the balcony.


• To collect your child, walk downstairs and enter poolside via the village changing rooms.


• Pick up your child and walk into the village changing room to a cubicle and get your child changed. If you took a box, please leave it in the middle of the village changing rooms.


• Leave via the fire exit directly in front of you as you exit the changing room.


If you have a child swimming in the small pool and variable pool at the same time, please follow the small pool lesson procedure.


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Safety Procedures

Please take note of the following terms and conditions of your booking and some changes which we have made to ensure swimming lessons are safe and meet current government guidance related to Covid-19.

  • If your child or any member of your household has experienced or been in contact with anyone displaying any covid symptoms in the past 7 days then do not attend your lesson.
  • Due to covid restrictions we ask that only one adult accompanies a child to their swimming lesson.
  • Please ensure your child has been to the toilet and had a shower before your arrival to the centre. Toilets are available at the centre, however shower facilities are currently not provided.
  • Please arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before the lesson start time.
  • You will not be permitted to attend your lesson if you arrive after your lesson start time.
  • A face mask must be worn by everyone aged 11 and over at all times in the centre.
  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times within the centre. One way systems must be followed.
  • Responsible adults of all children will be allowed to stay within the building, with those supervising children under 8 given priority to viewing areas where possible. If your child is aged 8 or over we encourage you to wait in your car if possible.
  • We may be asking parents to wait in a designated area within the facility (which may not allow for viewing of the lesson).
  • You are encouraged not to bring additional children to the facility while one swimmer is taking part in a lesson. If this cannot be avoided, you will need to communicate with the centre via email or phone to ensure that maximum numbers are not exceeded within the facility.
  • If additional siblings must come with you then it is essential that they are kept apart from all others within the facility, this will be the responsibility of the responsible adult. Unlike in school settings, it is encouraged that whilst in a leisure centre that social distancing is adhered to by children of all ages.
  • Please have your child swim ready with their costume on under their clothes or towel. You will be able to undress your child on poolside and place their belongings into a storage box provided.
  • We recommend all swimmers wear loose fitting clothing that is easy to remove and replace quickly before and after the lesson.
  • Where facilities allow you will be able to get your child dressed after the lesson in the changing rooms. Please do this quickly and then leave via the designated exit.
  • To aid social distancing and maximum number requirements, in the changing rooms there may be a combination of boys and girls.
  • If changing rooms are not available, then swimmers will need to towel off and dress on the poolside.
  • Please do not wear outdoor footwear on poolside.
  • Our teachers won’t be able to help adjust goggles, so please make sure if your child wishes to wear them they can do this themselves.
  • Anti-bacterial spray and cleaning materials will be provided for your use in the waiting areas and hand sanitiser is available throughout the centre.
  • All swimming lessons will be taught from poolside in order to maintain social distancing. Fixed buoyancy aids will be provided however should you like to bring your own please bring them with you. Suitable fixed buoyancy aids include arm discs, arm bands and puddle jumpers and should not be able to be easily removed by the swimmer.
  • In the event of a pool closure, we will make every attempt to contact our customers as soon as possible. Please ensure you follow us on Facebook.