Swimmers Currently in Lessons

This is how swimmers attending lessons will rebook their lessons.

The next course will be a 14-week course of swimming lessons commencing on Monday 08.04.24 and running until the week commencing 15.07.24.

There will be no lessons during half term, the week commencing 27.05.24 

Please take note of the following information.

How do I book for next term?

Priority Booking

  • All swimmers currently in the swim school will be emailed to let them know what lesson they have been allocated.
  • Your child will need an email address registered to their leisure account to receive this communication. To update their account with an email address, please email your local leisure centre with the email address to add, the child’s full name and date of birth.
  • Swimmers will all be allocated a space in the correct wave. The lesson may be at a different time, on a different day or with a different teacher. We endeavour to keep changes to a minimum.
  • You will have priority booking from Monday 18.03.24 until Thursday 21.03.24.
  • If your child has a membership, then please confirm if they want to keep their space by replying to the rebooking information email using the email address provided in the email.
  • Any participants whose swimming lessons are not paid for or confirmed will be deleted.
  • If you wish to try and change the lesson you have been allocated then you can do so, on Friday 22.03.24 from 11.30am.
  • You will need to call or visit your local leisure centre to do this.
  • If you do not wish to return to lessons or you have any other queries, then please email your local leisure centre.



There are options available for how to pay for swimming lessons:

Membership Options

The simplest way to pay for your swimming lessons is with a membership. Swimming lessons are included in our Junior membership and can be added to a Household membership for a small additional charge. 

The benefits of having a membership are:

  • You can spread the cost of attending swimming lessons by paying a monthly direct debit.
  • Your lessons are automatically rebooked and paid, all you need to do is confirm that your child will be attending.
  • A Junior Membership also includes access to junior activities, public swimming sessions, and discounts for parties and holiday schemes!
  • More information is available about memberships here.

Pay Per Term

There is also the option to pay for a term of swimming lessons online, over the phone or at the centre via card.

If you pay per term, the simplest and most efficient way to pay for swimming lessons is online. We will be emailing all swimmers who attend lessons a link to pay online.

The payment emails will be sent on Monday 18.03.24and again on Wednesday 20.03.24.

Please click on the link in the email to pay for the lessons then click My Basket, this will then take you to your child’s booking details and card payment.

You will receive an email for each child you have booked in for swimming lessons with an individual link in each.

If you do not receive an email by 20.03.24 please phone your leisure centre to make payment.

Swimming lessons delivered through the medium of Welsh

All facilities aim to offer lessons bilingually. If you prefer your child to receive instruction exclusively in Welsh, please fill out the request form, and we will make every effort to accommodate your request. Please note that a minimum number of participants will be required for class viability, as is the case for all lessons.

Rebooking Guidance Video