Street Style Inflatable

Our Street Style inflatable is the coolest in the County...

The stats:

12.5m long 2m wide

Fun to be had running the gauntlet with your friends…



Book now on the app or online.

Tuesdays & Thursdays 4pm till 5pm

Saturdays 2pm till 2.45pm

£5 a session


Are you ready to book your inflatable session?

We just need you to read the terms and conditions of booking, once you are happy with these please head to the book now button to start the fun!

  • People booking for the inflatable session must be confident in deep water.
  • Our general admission public swimming policy applies – please click here.
  • No swimming in the session ( once you are off the inflatable you must swim straight to the side ).
  • No jewellery, goggles or watches to be worn during the session.
  • There will be a safety briefing at the beginning of each session.