Pembs Leisure Live Timetable

Your favourite classes – anytime, anywhere!

Staying active, fit and healthy has never been more important, yet with lockdowns and stay at home requirements from the Welsh Government to contend with it has never been more challenging. To help you stay healthy and motivated during these challenging times, we are launching our own digital platform for taking part in group exercise classes. It allows you to work out to your favourite classes, with your favourite instructors just like you would when you attend one of our centres using our Pembs Leisure App. 

It’s easy to use, all you need to do is download our App and log in to get started.

At the moment we are  offering this service for FREE to all registered Pembrokeshire Leisure users. Not registered? Click HERE to join now!

There are 2 main features of our digital platform:

  • Pembs Leisure Live
  • Pembs Leisure Anytime


Pembs Leisure Live will feature streamed classes to join from home, it’s just like doing the class you would attend at the centre while stay at home restrictions are still in place. 

Pembs Leisure Anytime features a growing library of classes including strength and conditioning, mind and body, dance, cardio and cycling workouts to complete anytime, anywhere using a phone or tablet. Pop a playlist on and join in with the class in your own home.

We will be offering a full range of activities that is intended to meet the needs of all of our customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Up until the 11th of April, all registered users (members and p & p) of Pembrokeshire Leisure will access Pembs Leisure Anytime and LIVE for free. 

How do I take part?

  • Download our Pembs Leisure App from the Apple App store or Google Play Store and select your preferred leisure centre from the list of sites.
  • If you are registered use your email address and PIN to login. Forgotten your PIN? Use the link provided to recover it. If you are not registered, use the Join Now tile to register with us and to get your log in details. or click HERE
  • Once logged in, click on the PL LIVE or PL Anytime tiles to view our selection of exercise classes.
  • Clear some space, get your equipment and water bottle ready, pop your favourite play list on and enjoy your class!
  • You can also access the Live content on your PC through the timetable above


When will the PL Live classes be starting?

This service has already launched  and is available on our app or through the timetable on our website

When will the PL Anytime service be accessible? 

This service will be available through our app on Wednesday the 3rd of February 2021

Where is the timetable?

When you click on the PL LIVE tile on the app you will see the classes which are scheduled, the days and times. or you can see the timetable on our website

Do I need to be a member?

You will not need to be a member but you can register with us to take part HERE or via our App if you have not registered with Pembrokeshire Leisure previously.

Are the classes suitable for beginners?

We have a range of classes for a range of abilities. Look out for the alternatives and modifications during the work outs to allow you to choose your intensity level. 

Can I watch on a laptop?

You can access the Live content on your PC through the website and coming soon you will be able to cast the app to your smart devices

Do I need equipment?

If you need equipment for the class, then it will say in the description box what you will need. Some classes require no equipment.

Will there be music?

Some classes may have music in the background. For the majority of classes there won’t be any music played as this will allow you to hear the class instructors clearly. For certain classes, performing rights restrictions dictate that we are unable to play music. Some classes may have music in the background. For others there may be a recommended playlist for you to play from your own device or alternatively, pick the music that inspires you to work out!


*Classes through the medium of Welsh.

In order to make it viable for us to us to run a class we need a minimum number of people to take part. Our aim is to provide courses bilingually wherever possible. When you indicate that you would like to take part in a class we will ask you if you would prefer to take part exclusively in Welsh. We will provide courses exclusively in Welsh when numbers reach the minimum level.


If you wish to register your interest, please email the following address: