Swimming is a full body workout, you use all of your muscles when you swim and with the added resistance of the water it can be a tougher workout than on land. You can burn up to 200 calories in a 30 minute swim, more than double than the same time walking! 

Secondly, swimming is an activity which is great for wellbeing. Regular swimming can improve stress levels, improve sleep patterns and help reduce anxiety and depression. Thirdly, swimming just 30 minutes per week can reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. Along with the health benefits of regular swimming, swimming is a life skill. Here in Pembrokeshire we have over 186 miles of coast to enjoy with a number of swimming based activities. Being able to swim allows you to make the most of everything Pembrokeshire has to offer from days at the beach with the family, to surfing or even to competing in our many open water events.

Our pools are inclusive and accessible so anyone who wants to swim is able to do so. Our pools offer public swimming sessions, fitness classes, children’s swimming lessons, rehabilitation sessions, pool parties and much more.



Our swimming timetable is evolving regularly due to current changes in staffing and procedures.

This has resulted in our timetable of sessions changing regularly.

If you wish to view session times please go online and login or download our app.

Thank you for your patience.


Main Pools

Haverfordwest Leisure Centre Pool is a 25m long, 8 x lanes facility. This is usually split into the 2m deep side and the variable depth pool. The 2m side is the perfect facility for lane and public swimming, an ideal place to train or to enjoy a leisurely swim. The variable depth is a multi purpose pool which hosts sessions including swimming lessons, aquafit, public swimming and more.

Small Pools

We also have a shallow beach pool which is perfect for paddling and introducing little ones to the water. Our small pool is an ideal environment to learn to swim and have fun as a family. With shallower, warmer water swimmers of all abilities can enjoy this pool.


Description on how to book public swimming: FROM SATURDAY MARCH 19th

Public swimming is to return. Things have changed a little so please follow these simple booking procedures:

We strongly recommend booking for all our sessions to avoid wait times.

Please go directly to book now 

or to our app.

Log in and choose your session. If you are booking for more than one person please use our website not the app. If you do not have your household linked together already, call your local centre and they can assist with this. Please book all people wishing to swim.

You will still need to adhere to our pool admission policy.

Public Swimming Sessions:

0-3 Years: One responsible person aged 16 years and over to one child.

4-7 Years: One responsible person aged 16 years and over to two children.

We will be offering bookable slots every 30 minutes ( small pool every 15 minutes ) throughout the session length. There is no limit to the time you spend in the pool. We will be able to admit people every 30 minutes until we reach capacity.


Adult Swimming Lessons

Adults take the plunge! Swim classes provide an alternative way to work out, improve fitness to achieve goals and train for personal challenges in a social environment. Our adult swimming lessons cater for all abilities, from complete beginners…

Adult Swimming Lessons: View Activity


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