Pembs Wellbeing Podcast

We have formed an exciting partnership with PLANED to bring you a NEW podcast that promotes wellbeing in our communities throughout the county.


Our aim is to support our communities in their wellbeing goals. We were once primarily facilities that people could visit, but since March last year our doors have been closed for, a great period of time and we’ve tried to identify different ways of being of service. The last year has been about how we can support people to ensure that they have the tools to keep on track but also have an outlet to be able to talk to us if needed.


This podcast is a small way of us showing you how some of the members of our communities have chosen to keep active both mentally and physically. People have been unable to use our centres, so they have been resourceful.


Every two weeks we add a new conversation to our podcast for you to listen to. So far, we have had members of staff who talk to us about working and being pregnant in a pandemic, a group who use our facilities and how they have adapted their classes so they are now online, and a group of men who keep each going through a chat group and virtual challenges.  All very different but giving an insight in to how our community have made best use of their time, in these very strange times….


We have lots more coming up in the future so do not forget to subscribe so you don’t miss one.


You can find our podcast in all the usual places, however click below to listen straight away

Pembs Wellbeing Podcast

We hope you enjoy  the Pembrokeshire Wellbeing Podcast.